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Everything You Need to Know About Land and House Package in Melbourne

A house and land package is an economical yet practical option for new home builders. Under this package, you can avail yourself of a portion of land and a new home all-inclusive in a single plan. The convenience and cost-effectiveness that this package combines make it a favorable option for first-time property investors.

How does a house and land package work?

A house and land package is an efficient option wherein you can purchase a block of designated land and a house constructed within that land. This way your home purchase process becomes faster as you don’t have to run for council approvals to get construction permission. Moreover, you do not need to search for the right home design to suit your land needs. Your real estate agent will handle all this on your behalf. It will assist you to build a home of your choice at your desired location. 

At StarOz Homes, we ensure to match the best home designs with your preferred blocks of land in Melbourne. So, when searching for special and affordable land and house package, you can always count upon us. 

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